Imagining the Future: How do you co-curate in a pandemic?

V&A Dundee’s Young People’s Collective, with Elizabeth Day, Mhairi Maxwell & Tracey Smith (UK)

Join V&A Dundee’s Young People’s Collective and watch their video discussion (link coming soon!)

24 October 19:00 BST Live Q&A on Twitter about the dicussion and curating the COVID-19 pandemic (follow #festivalchat2020 and @VADundee).

V&A Dundee’s brand new exhibition, Now Accepting Contactless, has been co-designed by teams from across the museum, including our Young People’s Collective (henceforth known as YPC). The group of 14-24 year olds focussed on the section entitled ‘Imagining the Future’, wherein the team discussed our current moment as a turning point. What can we learn from the pandemic thus far? How can we progress in a positive and environmentally conscious manner?

In our video discussion we discuss what exactly makes a future artefact and how you can curate something which is live and changing daily. What is the role of a design museum currently? And how can this morph to represent the social implications of COVID-19?

The YPC are joined by V&A Dundee curators Kirsty Hassard and Mhairi Maxwell. YPC introduce what the group does on a weekly basis, and how their presence within the museum effects programming for young people in local communities. There is a live Q&A on Twitter wherein YPC members will explain how you can get involved in their project(s).