Equality? Does it exist in Finnish archaeology?

Sanna Lipkin, Tiina Äikäs & Tuija Kirkinen (Finland)

Blue Bird Sessions on Thursday 29 October 15:30pm EET (13:30 GMT) @SannaLipkin

Note: this event will take place on Twitter

The current Government of Finland has become famous for a high number of young female ministers and its strategic theme of “Fair, equal and inclusive Finland”, which was based on the values of intersectional feminism. Finland is a forerunner in non-discrimination and gender equality at the work life. However, even the government’s program admits that a lot remains to be improved. In 2010, we raised these issues into discussion among the archaeologists with hopes that gender equality would improve. Now, ten years later, we wanted to see if anything has changed. Almost 80 Finnish archaeologists answered our questionnaire about equality, sexual harassment and discrimination within the national field. Even though some archaeologists see that things have changed, it seems that ten years is a short period for clear improvements in equality issues. For instance, within universities young female archaeologists have been awarded internationally evaluated high profile funding, but this has not led to permanent appointments. Instead, a vast majority of the university posts are still held by men. The answers provide that especially young Finnish archaeologists are well aware of the situation, are highly conscious of different aspects of equality and work actively for improvements. We will discuss the questionnaire results and future directions in an interactive Twitter thread.