SoundStage 25

Today is spoken word day:  the phonaesthetics of embodied space brought straight to your ears to you by the Witch of Brussels and Lady Liminal. Are you sitting comfortably? Then they’ll begin…

The Witch Of Brussels – Palace Of Versailles

To enter the Palace of Versailles CLICK HERE

A meditation on architecture and space/time, with percussion, fretless bass, and spoken word, recorded for festivalCHAT 2020: the history of architecture, related within a 4-minute jam that you can also dance to.

NARROW WIDE CLEAN DIRTY QUIET LOUD. Productions in various styles, collaborations, improvisations, spoken word, maybe even a few videos. All or some of these may be experienced while visiting this, the Bandcamp page of Martin Delaney.

Bandcamp: martindelaney

Rebecca Lambert – Descending Into The World Of The Underpass

Hello, I’m Rebecca Lambert, also known as Lady Liminal, a postgraduate archaeological researcher and landscape punk, who wanders and ponders the liminal places within the world. My projects cover a broad spectrum. From underpasses to pylons, paranoid architecture through to future ghosts. In this soundscape I, with thanks to Drew Mulholland, explore underpasses as liminal places. We approach underpasses with trepidation, but we know that we must walk their path in order to reach the ‘other side’. Upon entering I am physically removed from the world above, the world of natural light, the world of the living. I am underground, but I am not. I am moving through and within different spheres. Upon exiting the underpass and returning to the light will I be the same person? Would I have undergone a rite of passage, however small? So please join me, and let’s descend into the world of the underpass together…

Twitter: @LadyLiminal1


A sound stage for festivalCHAT curated by Lara Band, Dave Webb and Lawrence Northall (UK)

Hello and welcome to SoundStage. Over the week, every day, we’ll be here introducing soundstronauts, noise makers, musicians and sonic experimenters for all your aural pleasures.

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Original call for contributions

We’re putting out this call for you to either create something new or share a ready made sound piece. Your piece should be a response to place, space or materiality: You may also want to consider the special themes: Archaeologies of festivals; COVID-19 pandemic; Equality & Diversity; Decolonializing contemporary archaeology; Archaeologies of protest; Togetherness & Fragmentation; Drift.

If you’ve a piece you’d like featured, send us your bio and some words about the piece (max 300 words), a link* and an image (as a separate file named ‘artist name’.jpg) to Include your social media @s too. We’ll organise submissions into themed sets – using your own words and image as the main texts of the blog. Every day during the week long festival the festivalCHAT website will release a blog with the set as suggested listening for the day.

*Sound pieces with accompanying film are also welcome but you must be able to host this yourself. We envisage that most of you will have your own Soundcloud, Bandcamp, webpage or similar but we can help you set up a free Soundcloud account if necessary.