Going to the loo. An archaeological vision on latrinalia

Mariana Nunes Silva & Tânia Manuel Casimiro (Portugal) @LatrinaliaP

Blue Bird Sessions on Wednesday 28 October 11.30am GMT

Note: this event will take place on Twitter

Festivals are time for celebrations and celebrations imply friends, food, drink and inevitable visits to the loo. 2020 did not allow us to go to many festivals thus we had to visit different toilets and since we pass a lot of time in universities these are the ones we will show in this Twitter thread. People express feelings, doubts, and share poetry, or even suicidal and political messages. In Portugal toilets are separated between male and female which confers a strong gender identity to these messages written by students, professors, and researchers in different languages. We will try to do an archaeological interpretation of all this evidence revealing the feelings and opinions of the people from two distinct academic institutions.