Meta ’Matta

Sophie Jennings (Australia)

Parramatta, derived from the Aboriginal place name ‘Burramatta’, is being developed as Greater Sydney’s second city, paralleling its origins as the second settlement established by Europeans in 1788. As the old makes way for the new, so archaeologists have been uncovering the recent and not-so-recent past. 

Meta ’Matta is foremost a personal exploration of doing archaeology in Parramatta over the past four years. Field archaeology is a constant process of interpretation and with this work I seek to reflect on the feelings and experiences that are peripheral but integral to the daily experience of practicing archaeology. It is recollections of commuting, coffee, food and booze. It is a showcase of Parramatta as it is now – midway through its transformation. It will also include an exploration of archaeological interpretation – the city’s past on display for its future. 

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