Distance Drift

Sonia Overall (UK)

A synchronised derive on Twitter #DistanceDrift

Sunday 25 October 10.00-11.00 GMT (London); 06:00-07:00 EST (New York)

Distance Drift is a form of synchronised walk I have developed for playful, collaborative, communal walking during lockdown. Participants follow the hashtag #DistanceDrift on Twitter to receive walking prompts which can be followed, indoors or out, in any location. The event has been running weekly on Sundays at 10am since the beginning of April.

For festivalCHAT, I propose a Distance Drift that draws upon the broad themes of the festival and connects with celebrations I am involved with on the same weekend. As part of a small team of academics and creatives, I am hosting events marking the 40th anniversary of the publication of Russell Hoban’s Riddley Walker (see this blog ). This cult novel explores the landscape of the distant future following a nuclear disaster, with characters attempting to build an understanding of a past civilisation through scraps of folklore and scattered artefacts.

The festivalCHAT Distance Drift will invite participants to explore their immediate environment, indoors or out, seeking found objects to reinterpret and relabel. The aim is to defamilairise our everyday experiences in order to see the world around us afresh, looking to how strange our own world may appear in times to come.

To participate in this event, simply tune into the hashtag #DistanceDrift on Twitter at the stated time, and follow the prompts. Happy drifting!

Watch Soni’as film Scatching at Sams Itch for Riddley Walker at 40: