festivalCHAT Silent Disco

Image: Radio Garden

For the final day of festivalCHAT we would love to hold a party! But seeing as we can’t all get together in person, shall we have a silent disco?!

We have selected some of our favourite stations from Radio Garden and shared them with you here. Have a listen and let us know your favourites and we can add them to the list. Whatever your musical taste, there is something for you to enjoy here (Note: the webiste is http, for best results download the Radio Garden App).

For the day:

Dr Dick’s Dub Shack, Hamilton, Bermuda

Bosa Nova Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sada FM, Aleppo, Syria

Sharada Radio Station FM 90.8, Baramati, India

Alpha Boys School Radio, Kingston, Jamaica

WWNO Jazz, New Orleans LA, United States

88 FM, Avarua District, Cook Islands

Artic Outpost AM1270 Longyearbyen, Norway

For the night:

Psychededik.com Progressive, Brest France

Seoul Community Radio, Seoul, South Korea

Operator Radio, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Noods Radio, Bristol, UK

Boxout FM, New Delhi

Techno Underground | Fluxmusic, Berlin, Germany

For something different:

Birdsong Radio, London, UK

Weather Office Honolulu, Honolulu HI, United States

Ambi Nature Radio, Zurich, Switzerland

Send us your Radio Garden favourites and we will add them to the list!