SoundStage 26

Today: a magnifying glass. The macro of The Oneirologist to the micro of Wave Debb: the everyday sonicity of familiar places. Reach for those headphones once again and listen on…

The Oneirologist – City

CLICK HERE to listen to City

City is a piece inspired by the London, both modern and ancient. A massive metropolis of life seething on top with layers of history laying beneath. The trains rumble below the people sleeping, fucking and eating, below the trains the lives of billions of people past lay in dirt, drains and webs of past lives and structures. London is a place of real life, or diversity and the comings and goings of people for millennia. We are battered by sounds, smells and sights without often thinking about what lies beneath our feet, or behind the wall, buildings older than some countries, streets walked by millions over thousands of years, life and death. As we dig below we find more and more human history piled into this space we call a city. It’s beautiful and ugly and a place of despair and inspiration.

The Oneirologist is an audio-visual electroacoustic project by Rick Jensen (member of Apocalypse Jazz Unit, SKRONK, MGF, Nuha Ruby Ra, FAT COP and more) The project has existed since 2013 and released dozens of albums and films. This recording was performed live at New River Studios on 14/10/2020.

Twitter: @SKRONKimprov

Wave Debb – Rooms

Reacting to the home by using the sounds of objects found within it and the resonant frequencies of it, then looping, mixing and dubbing them live with Ableton, a mixing desk and an array of outboard FX pedals. Another layer added by playing the sound of the resulting mix back in the space to capture its ambience further.

Webb Dave: A Hybrid DJ, mixing field recording loops with outboard fx. A long time ago forgotten combination of musique concrète, improv industrial and percussions on familiar things.

CLICK HERE to listen to Rooms

Twitter: @DebbWave