SoundStage 27

Soundmarks: cast your ears over Radio Lento’s soniferous summerscape and Lawrence Northall’s soni-ferrous reflections. If you don’t know the score by now, we’ll say it again: everything is better with headphones

Lawrence Northall – Echoes

The sound piece Echoes formed part of an installation & temporary exhibition exploring the history & archaeology of Kent’s coastal sound mirrors, as part of the Ramsgate Festival of Sound. The piece is created from field recordings taken within the face of Fan Bay’s recently excavated 1917 mirror & contemporary docks. Two metal acoustic mirrors were specially built for the exhibition & recordings of the public interacting with them also feature in the mix. The sound piece explores the nature of changing technologies & our experience of their associated sounds, highlighting the shifting relationship between developments in machinery & the sensory reality of Kent’s local spaces over time. The installation and exhibition now exists in digital form on CITiZAN website:

Radio Lento – Early Summer Breezes

Madeleine Sugden and Hugh Huddy live in London with their two children. As for so many city dwellers, when lockdown came, it meant an indefinite period trapped inside a built-up area. Drawing initially from their archive sound recordings, their response was to set up Radio Lento. Radio Lento is a podcast service that provides places to escape to in 3D immersive sound. Each episode presents the listener with a richly spatial sound recording of time passing in a peaceful place. Recorded on-location, most episodes run for around 30 minutes, with some lasting over an hour. Since lockdown eased, they’ve tried every weekend to get out to a remote location to record new material. They travel on public transport and on foot, carrying their gear in a rucksack and, when footpaths are flooded, also their children! When they find a peaceful spot, they leave their equipment to record unattended.

For festivalChat they are sharing Early summer breezes. It evokes the Essex countryside and their first escape from a locked-down city. “On a June afternoon on a warm breezy walk in the Essex countryside we left the microphones in a tree at the top of a rarely used bridleway to record the sound of the wind. The tree was one of an outcrop amongst fields of barley and home to a robin. High above the fields were skylarks, not a common sound these days. In the distance an ice-cream van can be heard on its way to cheer everyone up in the Lea Valley Park. It was a lovely spot to find after so long trapped at home. We sat in the warm sun with the smell of wild grass, listening to the early summer breezes, with a haze-free view of the London skyline.” @RadioLento