Hulme Cavalry Barracks and the Peterloo Massacre: Digging the 19th Century Reaction to Protest

Michael Nevell (UK)

Barracks Park (also known as St George’s Park) in Hulme, central Manchester, England, was excavated as part of the Dig Greater Manchester community archaeology project in July 2013. The park was seen as a key site for the project since it contained the remains of Hulme Barracks, a 19th century cavalry base established in 1792 and closed in 1915 that was used during the Peterloo Massacre of 1819. It was also a class of military site that had been little studied within North West England, being used as a base for both for policing the local industrial population and recruiting them for the British Army. The early history of the barracks is poorly recorded but between 1817 and 1895 the barracks were occupied by twenty-seven regiments in succession. This podcast looks at the background history of the site, especially its role in the Peterloo protest and massacre, the surviving remains as excavated in 2013 by the Dig Greater Manchester community archaeology project, and the wider context of this 19th century military type site.

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