Lost and Finds

Jodie Hannis (UK)

Poetry writing workshop on Sunday 25 October 14:00-16:00 GMT (London)

How does something go from lost to found? When objects become lost, forgotten, or temporarily misplaced, they might disappear from us entirely or remain close to us despite their physical distance; how do we then close the gap between the spaces that arise between people and things?

Before the workshop you will ‘find’ something lost – something hiding in the back of a drawer, an object put into storage and not thought about for a while, or perhaps even an artefact from a site you’ve worked on. Bring your find to the session and we will explore what is familiar and what is strange, how to build connections to something that has been missing, and how we might build a bridge to lost things. You will need only your found thing, pen, and paper – no poetry experience necessary!