Jasper Coppes (Netherlands)

Live film screening 24 October and Q&A 12:00 CET (11:00 BST).

Recent footage of melting polar ice in Greenland as shown in the global mass media has represented the country as both the ground zero of climate crisis and a vast expanse for resource exploitation. The film Aasivissuit aims to provide a different view, showing instead the landscape and its inhabitants, focusing on people’s discussions about climate change and how they adapt in their complex relationship with the changing environment.

The film follows two park rangers at work and on expeditions through the sunlit grasslands of West Greenland. As they talk, they exchange new and old knowledge of the land, for example, how ancient fertile sediment from Greenland is used to fertilize depleted soil abroad, and how microbes have adapted to deal with pollution. In the meantime, the landscape and its inhabitants perform their acts.

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Note: the film will be available to view on Vimeo on 24 October (only).