Psychogeography in a Rural Place

Eòghann MacColla (UK)

Cutting across the ‘COVID-19’ and ‘Drift’ themes of festivalCHAT, I share my lockdown perambulations where I measured the compass within an Ayrshire Farm. An Ayrshire Situationist is a journey recording climate, social history, wildlife and the zeitgeist via drawing and walking. 

It was a sensory practice with metre and awareness, thinking about how we see and how we acknowledge place and environment. The farm has been here for a while, it’s features on a Blau Map from 1650. My family arrived here from Kintyre early in the 19th Century. In many ways it mirrors the difficulty of small scale farming in the 21st Century. I would like to walk to points on the compass again capturing the same place in a different season, post lockdown, however not post COVID-19. 

We never established if cows were Dadaists or more prone to nihilism. The project captured so many elements of that time, both personal and collective, when the world literally slowed to a daunder, you could hear the grass growing and the silence was so audible. There was no traffic or trains, no aircrafts. We heard a cuckoo, saw the hare and deer, the curlews made a cameo. And now it feels like another time. How would the same journey feel in autumn?

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