SoundStage 28

Midweek listening now: draw your ears to a reimagining of Maderna by Daniel James Ross, Carla Rees and Marie Schreer. Then use your imagining to draw your own sonclusions for this  shadow score by Lara Band

Daniel James Ross, Carla Rees, Marie Schreer – Maderna 100

An acousmatic work in four sections based on the music of Bruno Maderna. Each section takes a piece of Maderna’s (or, in the case of section 2, an interview) and uses machine listening techniques to extract musical data that forms the basis of an algorithmic composition. The pieces analysed are “Musica su due dimensioni”, “Standchen fur Tini” and “Dialodia” .

i. 3D
ii. Conversation
iii. Serenade
iv. Trialodia

Twitter: @danieljamesross

Lara Band – Yellow Drift

A graphic score as yet unmade

On 12 April 2020 at Royal Albert Dock, on a near-Easter #DistanceDrift following only yellow, the lichen on the dock edge stood out. Why does it gather more in some places than others? Why does the yellow lichen (probably Caloplaca flavescens) favour some spots and the white (probably Lecanora muralis, chewing gum lichen) favour others? What would the play between this organic, unruly stuff and the machine made fencing sound like? There’s an element of chance and other-than-human agency. The piece would change over time as the lichen grows and as the shadows of the wires of the fence fall differently. Time ran out and the piece remains unmade.

Twitter: @_LaraBand

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