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Þóra Pétursdóttir (Festival working group)

Rebecca L. Hearne (Festival working group)

Jaime Almansa-Sánchez

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Rachael Kiddey

Nota Pantzou

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Bill Caraher

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Shout outs: All of the festivalCHAT contributors!

BAR Publishing

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Campfire conversations with the editors of the CHAT book series

Rachael Kiddey (UK) and Bill Caraher (US)

Meet the co-editors of the CHAT/BAR series on Tuesday 27 October 16:00-17:00 GMT

You’ve enjoyed the hustle and bustle of festivalCHAT…you’re tired and want to sit and chew the fat…take in the scene from the edge for a bit…You’ve had ideas percolating for years about exactly how contemporary and historical archaeology can contribute meaningfully to improved equality for all and global social justice.

Please, take a seat around the campfire and discuss your ideas with us. We have a cauldron of hot chocolate and a never-ending hip flask of single malt Scotch. Kick back and let’s reflect together, as the stars prick through the night-sky and the flames of possibility lick our toes…you’ve come to the right place.

About Studies in Contemporary and Historical Archaeology

Studies in Contemporary and Historical Archaeology is a series of edited and single authored volumes intended to make available current work on the archaeology of the recent and contemporary past in a timely fashion. The series is published as part of the British Archaeological Reports (BAR) series of monographs.

The series brings together contributions from academic historical archaeologists, professional archaeologists and practitioners from cognate disciplines who are engaged with archaeological material and practices. The series includes work from the traditions of historical and contemporary archaeology and material culture studies from Europe, North America, Australia and elsewhere around the world. It promotes innovative and creative approaches to later historical archaeology, showcasing this increasingly vibrant and global field, and celebrating its diversity, through extended and theoretically engaged case studies. The proceedings of CHAT conferences are normally published as part of joint or individual edited volumes in the series.