SoundStage 23

Testing testing 1 -2 1- 2 check check. More mic in the monitors please!

Hello and welcome to SoundStage. Over the week, every day, we’ll be here introducing soundstronauts, noise makers, musicians and sonic experimenters for all your aural pleasures.

First up the sweet sounds of Antwerp and Desert Kites; the latter accompanied with a visual delight for your eyes. Sit back, relax and open your ears… 

Antwerp – Kaons

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I often consider my music as audio-archeology: I want to push your ear-boundaries to listen to music from countries with an incredible history and culture. Music unites people. We all just look at the same sky. My world is everybody’s world and my music reflects this. Instagram: nicoantwerp

Desert Kites – Trace (Instrumental Remix) – Video by Zoë Crossland

Traces, signs, formations. Produced by the world around us and by the universe at large; acted on and remade by generations of people. These are the archives that archaeologists and others work with and within. Images through a microscope; pollen grains drifting through the scopic field; moments of focus and loss moving in and out of view.

Zoe Crossland is Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology, and Director of the Center for Archaeology, at Columbia University, New York, USA. Desert Kites is a musician based in New York City.