Amy Cutler (UK)

Live film screening Wednesday October 28 20:00-22:00 GMT

A live-streamed screening of You Call It Sundew (2020), a 51-minute excavation of the moving image archives of the Corby steelworks, the Sundew walking dragline, and the PLUTO pipeline. The film explores the human and nonhuman elements of landscape excavations, mining, and acts of naming/language. It also includes experimental forms of material re-projection, using minerals, metals, limestone, plants, botanical materials, and blueprints. The sound-worlds focus on the ‘lost choruses’ of the minerals and matters which tend to get left out of the original British film narratives of landscape and time.

The screening is followed by an open discussion around its geologies of media, and wider ideas of music, film, and experimental techniques for the performance of archaeological theory (beyond more conventional monologues or ideas of chronology used in documentary narratives). Expected themes include approaches to “the landscape as archive”, and experimental artistic responses to extractive politics, multi-species storytelling, fossils, factory symphonies, carnivorous plants, underwater warfare, and the techno-masculinist voices of the Anthropocene.