Pre-Festival Events

Keep scrolling down for a list of exciting events you can sign up for and get involved in now! Some of these have submission dates before the festival starts to allow organisers to collate the material.


Lara Band (UK), David Webb (UK) & Lawrence Northall (UK)

Dear Soundstronauts, noise makers, musicians and sonic experimenters….

We (Dave Webb, Lara Band and Lawrence Northall) are curating a sound stage for festivalCHAT2020, 23-30 October 2020 with suggested listening for each day of the week long festival.

We’re putting out this call for you to either create something new or share a ready made sound piece. Your piece should be a response to place, space or materiality: You may also want to consider the special themes: Archaeologies of festivals; COVID-19 pandemic; Equality & Diversity; Decolonializing contemporary archaeology; Archaeologies of protest; Togetherness & Fragmentation; Drift.

Submit your entries now and be a part of SoundStage, click here for more information

Postcards from all edges

Lara Band (UK) & David Webb (UK)

This piece is all about you and by you, collectively!

‘The journey to CHAT’ – people documenting their journey to the annual CHAT conference – has become an informal tradition over the years. In absence of physical journeys this year we’d like to recreate your journeys in sound through sound postcards, recorded from your window on your way to festivalCHAT.

Get thinking now and sumit your entries from 23 October to be part of this event, click here for more information

Rubble Rubble: mapping waste stories

Jonathan Gardner (UK)

Share your varied experiences of waste materials, and landscapes transformed by waste, on an interactive map.

Sign up now! Details of how to add your waste story to the map can be found below. These can be added to the map from now until the live discussion event.

Live waste stories map discussion event: Wednesday 28 October 16:00 (GMT)

To find out more about this event and take part, click here for more information


Katy Whitaker (UK) & Lara Band (UK)

How can people come together at a time of enforced separation? Inspired by Client Culture’s postal zine project Cross Pollination for Antiuniversity 2020, CHAT-CHAIN-MAIL is a Mail Art project for festivalCHAT2020 building a chain of thoughts, ideas and art as the piece moves through the physical world.

Sign up now and be part of the CHAT-CHAIN-MAIL, more infomation click here.


Tiago Muniz (Brazil) & Jaime Almansa-Sánchez (Spain)

A photo-essay on Latin American approaches to contemporary archaeology – submit your entries now for discussion in a live forum event!

Spanish/Portuguese / Latin America friendly event!

If you feel that contemporary archaeology has a lot to offer on new ways of understanding the past, this is your event. If your approach to archaeological method and practice goes beyond the trowel into more engaging and transformative practices, this is your event. If you believe that archaeology engages the political yesteryear and today, this is your event….

Submit your entries now and be part of the live discussion, more information click here

A call for flash fiction and nano-histories in 150 words or less

The Writing Archaeology Collective, Columbia University:

Amanda Althoff, Madison Aubey, Rudy Banny, Annarubenia Capellin Ortega, Zoë Crossland, Katherine McCarthy, Brendon Murray, Jenny Ni, Cleo Payne, Nikki Vellidis (USA)

With every passing moment we see clear examples of how the world around us shapes and is shaped by history. In this festival session we challenge the archaeological community to use location as a bridge between the contemporary and historical and to find new ways to narrate the clash of pasts and presents and the accumulation of new meanings and associations with place….

Submit your entries now and be part of the live discussion, click here for more information

Toy Stage

marjolijn kok (Netherlands)

The Instagram #toystage invites everybody to look into their home and find toys to recreate archaeologically themed photographs. In these days when we are confined to the home more than usual, we need to use our homes in new ways. With many people working from the home the border between work and play becomes thin. At the toystage this border is crossed by expressing archaeological practices, ideas and events through the use of toys…..

Post your toystage photos to Instagram, click here for more information

Atlas Everyday X

Ursula Frederick (Australia)

We have all seen the arrows, X’s, dots and dashes springing up at our feet. These X’s and other notations are cautionary signs intended to advise where we should and should not be. Besides their everyday aesthetics of simplicity and improvisation, their sheer proliferation is hard to miss. Like some strange local positioning system or mark of a new situational awareness that we all need to adopt. Over time, some of them peel away or wear off as if to suggest things might soon return to ‘normal’, whatever that was. One day they will be gone – but the uncertainty of when remains their persistent subtext.

On Instagram, direct message your photos to @atlas_everydayx page, click here to find out more …