Welcome to festivalCHAT!

You’ve come to the right place! We hope you enjoy your week here.

We have created a festival-style bonanza of contemporary and historical archaeology.

But first, you need to collect your wristbands, pick up a festival map and browse our quick guide.

(OK, you jumped in, that’s fine. It’s free after all, just check out our Code of Conduct and all will be good).

We’ve created a number of stages and areas for you to enjoy. Live acts have now all finished, but there are plenty of amazing contributions still there for you to browse and enjoy! We have secured an ALL STAR LINE UP!

Explore the festival site from the front page. Once in, we have put up some sign posts to help you find your way (Categories and Tags).

Pick up your festival Quick Guide

For a bit of fun, you could play festivalCHAT BINGO

Now you aready to go!

Explore the Stages and Areas


Make a small donation to support CHAT today! With your help we can do much MORE to support discussions and engagements in historical and contemporary archaeology. Proceeds from festivalCHAT will go towards bursaries to help those on low income attend CHAT events.

It would be great if you could donate:

£2 The cost of a thirst-quenching pint of Rocksteady Ale in 2002

£5 The cost of a Rainbow Cafe veg chilli eaten with friends

£10 The cost of a festival CD with tracks from newly discovered bands

or any amount really!


Credits, Thanks & Shoutouts

festivalCHAT is sponsored by Archaeopress and SPMA



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