Blue Bird Sessions

All lead times in GMT. Events held exclusively on Twitter. Follow the presenters on Twitter or by clicking on the links below. Please use the festival hashtag #festivalchat2020 in all tweets. Enjoy!

Wednesday 28 October:

11: 00 João Luís Sequeira
Wall Tweets: messages and grumbling in the industrial environment

11.30 Mariana Nunes Silva @MariKeysss and Tânia Manuel Casimiro @TaniaMCasimiro1
Going to the loo. An archaeological vision on latrinalia

12:00 Laura Zurowski @lzurowski (08:00 EDT)
Mis.Steps: Our Missed Connections with Pittsburgh’s City Steps

12.30 Hilary Orange @HilaryOrange
Legends slot: Tributes to rock and pop music and musicians in London

13.30 Kelly Britt, Dante Angelo, M. Lou Brown & Stacey Camp @Covidart4 (09:30 EDT)
Pandemic Perception: Navigating Materiality and Altered Landscapes During COVID-19

Thursday 29 October:

13:00 Alex Claman @aclaman_archaeo (08:00 CDT)
Blood, sweat, and tears: Field notebooks as art objects

13:30 Sanna Lipkin @SannaLipkin, Tiina Äikäs @tiina_aikas & Tuija Kirkinen (15.30 EET)
Equality? Does it exist in Finnish archaeology?

14:00 Paul R. Mullins @mullins_paul, Dana Dobbins, Shauna Keith, Abigail Ellenburg & Alisha Beard (10:00 EDT) Retreat: Mapping University Student Landscapes During COVID

14:30 Elizabeth Kryder-Reid @KryderReid (10:30 EDT)
Dirty Laundry

15:00 Gabe Moshenska @gabemoshenska
Autobiographies of broken toy cars: between patina and restoration

The Blue Bird Tent is kindly sponsored by Archaeopress.

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