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Live acts have now all finished, but there are plenty of amazing contributions still there for you to browse and enjoy!

Explore the stages for blogs, vlogs, sound pieces and video talks

You can also find some talks on our CHATarchaeology YouTube Channel

23 October

18:00 BST. Rachael Kiddey. Made in Migration. Circle Stage

20:00 BST (21:00 SAST). Rachael Kiddey & Hilary Orange. PubCHAT Europe & Africa. Campfire

16:00 EST (21:00 BST). Alex Jones, Alexis Morris & Mia Carey. Black in Archaeology. Big Top Stage

19:00 EST (00:00 BST). Miriam Rothenberg and Carolyn White. PubCHAT Americas. Campfire

24 October

12:00 CET (11:00 BST). Jasper Coppes. Aasivissuit. Circle Stage

14:00 BST. Eòghann MacColla. Psychogeography in a Rural Place. Lost & Found Stage

19:00 BST. Elizabeth Day, Kirsty Hassard, Mhairi Maxwell & Becca Clark. How do you co-curate in a pandemic? Circle Stage

16:00 EDT (21:00 BST). Chandler Fitzsimmons. The Speed of Light. Big Top Stage

25 October

10:00 GMT. Sonia Overall. Distance Drift. Lost & Found Stage

14:00 GMT. Jodie Hannis. Lost and Finds. Lost & Found Stage

18:00 GMT. Rosie Everett, Ben Gearey, Matt Pope & Orla Peach-Power. Viral Archive Circle Stage

20:00 GMT. Mark Jenkins. Sunday Circle. Lockdown, Sundown, Get Down. Acoustic Stage

20:00 GMT. Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope. PROSPECTION 01-05: World Premiere. Circle Stage 

26 October

11:00 / 16:00 GMT. Rodney Harrison, Alfredo González-Ruibal, Trinidad Rico & Esther Breithoff. Meet the editors, Journal of Contemporary Archaeology. Book Tent

14:00 GMT. Laura Aish. #recordyourspace. Lost & Found Stage

13:00 EDT (17:00 GMT). Scott Schwartz. The Material Culture of Temperature. Big Top Stage

19.00 GMT. Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie. Future Prospectors. Circle Stage

27 October

16:00 GMT. Rachael Kiddey & Bill Caraher. Meet the editors, CHAT publication series. Book Tent

19:00 CET (18:00 GMT). Attila Dézsi & Roswitha Ziegler. 33 Days of Utopia. Green Fields

14:00 CST (20:00 GMT). Jaime Almansa-Sánchez & Tiago Muniz. Make (Contemporary) Archaeology Great Again. Big Top Stage

28 October

11: 00 GMT. João Luís Sequeira. Wall Tweets. Blue Bird Tent

11.30 GMT. Mariana Nunes Silva & Tânia Manuel Casimiro. Going to the loo. Blue Bird Tent

08:00 EDT (12:00 GMT). Laura Zurowski. Mis.Steps. Blue Bird Tent

12.30 GMT. Hilary Orange. Legends slot. Blue Bird Tent

09:30 EDT (13.30 GMT) Stacey Camp, Dante Angelo, M. Lou Brown & Kelly Britt. Pandemic Perception. Blue Bird Tent

16:30 GMT. Jonathan Gardner. Rubble Rubble. Big Top Stage 

20:00 GMT. Amy Cutler. YOU CALL IT SUNDEW. Circle Stage

Blue Bird Tent generously sponsored by Archaeopress

29 October

08:00 CDT (13:00 GMT). Alex Claman. Field notebooks as art objects. Blue Bird Tent

15.30 EET (13:30 GMT) Sanna Lipkin, Tiina Äikäs & Tuija Kirkinen. Equality? Does it exist in Finnish archaeology? Blue Bird Tent

10:00 EDT (14:00 GMT) Paul R. Mullins, Dana Dobbins, Shauna Keith, Abigail Ellenburg & Alisha Beard. Mapping University Student Landscapes During COVID. Blue Bird Tent

10:30 EDT (14:30 GMT) Elizabeth Kryder-Reid. Dirty Laundry. Blue Bird Tent

15:00 GMT. Gabe Moshenska. Autobiographies of broken toy cars. Blue Bird Tent

14:00 EDT (18:00 GMT). Zoë Crossland & The Writing Archaeology Collective. TimeClash. Green Fields

Blue Bird Tent generously sponsored by Archaeopress

30 October

16:00 EET (14:00 GMT). Marlen Mouliou. The Museum Inside Me. Circle Stage

15:30 GMT. Jobbe Wijnen. Worldwide launch of the global Pull Tab Archaeology Typology, YouTube Premiere and Q&A. Campfire.

16:00 GMT. Barbara Brayshay & Jacqui Mulville. Festivals. Green Fields

19:00 GMT (21:00 SAST) Hilary Orange & Emma Dwyer. PubCHAT Europe & Africa. Campfire

17:00 EDT (21:00 GMT). Carolyn White. The Archaeology of Burning Man. Green Fields