Reconstructing the Future, Reimagining the Past

James Lattin (UK)

Throughout festivalCHAT, James Lattin (@drjameslattin) will be discussing the creative possibilities of the Museum with a variety of artists and enthusiasts. With a focus on his concept of ‘wayside archaeology’ he will invite guests to elaborate on their approaches to the everyday object, fictional persona and forgotten corners. He’ll be providing updates via Twitter and on his website.

To read his blog post click here

Imagining the Future: How do you co-curate in a pandemic?

V&A Dundee’s Young People’s Collective, with Elizabeth Day, Mhairi Maxwell & Tracey Smith (UK)

Join V&A Dundee’s Young People’s Collective and watch their video discussion (link coming soon!)

24 October 19:00 BST Live Q&A on Twitter about the dicussion and curating the COVID-19 pandemic (follow #festivalchat2020 and @VADundee).

V&A Dundee’s brand new exhibition, Now Accepting Contactless, has been co-designed by teams from across the museum, including our Young People’s Collective (henceforth known as YPC). The group of 14-24 year olds focussed on the section entitled ‘Imagining the Future’, wherein the team discussed our current moment as a turning point. What can we learn from the pandemic thus far? How can we progress in a positive and environmentally conscious manner?

In our video discussion we discuss what exactly makes a future artefact and how you can curate something which is live and changing daily. What is the role of a design museum currently? And how can this morph to represent the social implications of COVID-19?

The YPC are joined by V&A Dundee curators Kirsty Hassard and Mhairi Maxwell. YPC introduce what the group does on a weekly basis, and how their presence within the museum effects programming for young people in local communities. There is a live Q&A on Twitter wherein YPC members will explain how you can get involved in their project(s).

The Museum Inside Me: An online socio-cultural connector in times of physical isolation

Marlen Mouliou (Greece)

Live talk on Friday 30 October 16:00-17:00 Eastern European Time (14:00-15:00 GMT)

How can an unprecedented global crisis, like COVID-19, be a catalyst for the making of an online socio-cultural project about museums and the museum itself as an institution? How can the museum as a concept and frame of mind provide an intellectual tool and the evocative process for understanding our personal and collective identities and the meaning of our cultural experiences and life through them? How can an online community participatory project strengthen the idea of the museum as a field of inspiration and connection that concerns us all and gives us agility and hope to overcome personal fears and physical (perhaps also social) isolation?

These, and many more, open challenges were behind the initiative The Museum Inside Me, a museum of positive thinking composed of two photo collections on Facebook and Instagram. Created in March 2020 by a team of three professionals in the field of museums and cultural management, The Museum Inside Me acted as a bridge of communication and expression between citizens in the difficult period of lockdown (mainly in Greece). Based on the force of its participatory, evocative and anthropocentric spirit, it also envisioned to widen up its activities and role after the lockdown was over in order to enhance the exposure of museums in the public domain and their relevance in everyday social life.

In the presentation, I’ll outline the principles behind the creation of this project, the practical steps of its making, its content and meaning, its social impact among the community of its followers, and its potential as a strategic option for bringing ‘non-believers’ closer to the meaningful mental and psychic space of the museum.