Black in Archaeology

Film Creators Archaeologists: Alexandra Jones, Alexis Morris, Mia Carey (US)

Short film and Q&A on Friday 23 October 16:00 EST (21:00 BST London)

Where does Black Archaeology stand in relation to the movement of Black Lives Matter? Historically, archaeology is rooted in colonial, imperial, and white patriarchal systems that have been exploitative and extractive in nature. While organizations, such as the Society of Black Archaeologists, have seen a steady growth in the members over the past seven years, this growth, while worthy of celebration, beckons the question to the predominantly white archaeological community: What social justice efforts has the discipline taken to ensure that Black Lives Matter, historically and contemporarily? More specifically, is the discipline a safe space for Black archaeologists to conduct work? And, how have the experiences of Black Archaeologists improved since 1980. This short film explores these issues through targeted questions posed to several Black archaeologists who discuss their experiences in the field of archaeology.