festivalCHAT Silent Disco

For the final day of festivalCHAT we would love to hold a party! But seeing as we can’t all get together in person, shall we have a silent disco?! We have selected some of our favourite stations from Radio Garden and shared them with you here. Have a listen and let us know your favourites […]

SoundStage 30

It’s been a fabulous week here on SoundStage sending sonic tendrils out to you festivalCHAT goers. We hope you’ve discovered some new artists to tickle your ears (and eyes), sounds to excite you and sounds to soothe you. Maybe both even. At the same time. So without further ado, here’s the penultimate SoundStage, the scritchy […]

SoundStage 29

A sonfluence for Thursday: wateryscapes. Feast your ears and eyes on Sam Enthoven’s reverberations on an unfolding situation then let the tapescapes of raxil4 wash over you… Sam Enthoven – DRIP DRIP DRIP When I saw the festival’s callout themes of ‘place, space or materiality’ I knew I could make and submit something. For me […]

SoundStage 28

Midweek listening now: draw your ears to a reimagining of Maderna by Daniel James Ross, Carla Rees and Marie Schreer. Then use your imagining to draw your own sonclusions for this  shadow score by Lara Band Daniel James Ross, Carla Rees, Marie Schreer – Maderna 100 An acousmatic work in four sections based on […]

SoundStage 27

Soundmarks: cast your ears over Radio Lento’s soniferous summerscape and Lawrence Northall’s soni-ferrous reflections. If you don’t know the score by now, we’ll say it again: everything is better with headphones Lawrence Northall – Echoes The sound piece Echoes formed part of an installation & temporary exhibition exploring the history & archaeology of Kent’s coastal […]


Share your momentos and memories of festivals past! We would love to see your collecions of wrist bands, tickets and badges etc from festivals and gigs you have been to in the past! With a summer of restrictions around the world, many of us have missed out on those chilled (or not so chilled …) […]

SoundStage 26

Today: a magnifying glass. The macro of The Oneirologist to the micro of Wave Debb: the everyday sonicity of familiar places. Reach for those headphones once again and listen on… The Oneirologist – City CLICK HERE to listen to City City is a piece inspired by the London, both modern and ancient. A massive metropolis […]

SoundStage 25

Today is spoken word day:  the phonaesthetics of embodied space brought straight to your ears to you by the Witch of Brussels and Lady Liminal. Are you sitting comfortably? Then they’ll begin… The Witch Of Brussels – Palace Of Versailles To enter the Palace of Versailles CLICK HERE A meditation on architecture and space/time, with […]

SoundStage 24

Today there’s sound guided by the hand of the sea, guided by numbers, guided by time. Your word for the day is aleaotoric: headphones on, sit back, it’s time for Craig Gell and The Kokra Family… Craig Gell – Wave Machine (Radio Edits) Live sea wave data streamed from a marine observation buoy is transformed […]

SoundStage 23

Testing testing 1 -2 1- 2 check check. More mic in the monitors please! Hello and welcome to SoundStage. Over the week, every day, we’ll be here introducing soundstronauts, noise makers, musicians and sonic experimenters for all your aural pleasures. First up the sweet sounds of Antwerp and Desert Kites; the latter accompanied with a […]


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