SoundStage 29

A sonfluence for Thursday: wateryscapes. Feast your ears and eyes on Sam Enthoven’s reverberations on an unfolding situation then let the tapescapes of raxil4 wash over you…

Sam Enthoven – DRIP DRIP DRIP

When I saw the festival’s callout themes of ‘place, space or materiality’ I knew I could make and submit something. For me those words have come to represent strategies for creative survival.

Up until Friday 13th March 2020 I was still deluding myself that Covid-19 would not affect me. I had a great summer lined up, with shows I was taking to theatre festivals all around the UK. There were three big gigs on for my horror project SHIVERS. My monthly sound art night STEEP had some amazing acts booked for March, April, May and beyond. I was making plans for autumn and winter too. Then my first cancellation came in, and within five days everything I’d been working on was off.

For the first month or so, like lots of people, I found myself creatively paralysed, unable to do much of anything but scroll the news and stare at the ceiling. Sometimes – and this is October now – I’m still like that. But place, space and materiality – and a new appreciation for them – have been helping me to get up and make things again.

In 2019 I took a couple of short courses in filmmaking. This form of creating is new for me but has already given me a new way of looking at and thinking about everything around me. That my movements are restricted needn’t matter: the longer and closer I look, the more I can find.

I’ve been developing a series of short pieces combining what I film with my practice as a sound artist. DRIP DRIP DRIP is the latest result.

You can find out more about me at my website –

raxil4 – kulTurm-Ludwigshafen

This piece was recorded in late 2015 as the first date of a 2 week European tour. The imposing octagonal building in Ludwigshafen, Germany now known as the kulTurm was a WWII bunker built in 1942 near the BASF workers’ colony for almost 1,800 people that had a water tower built on top of it in 1953. The performance took place above the water tower on the viewing platform. Microphones were placed within the empty water tower. The second track on the album is the clean microphone recording.

raxil4 is multi disciplinary sound artist Andrew Page, specialising in analogue electronic dronescapes, acoustic audio phenomenon and installation.

He has performed live all over Europe, many of his performances have been in non traditional venues, often choosing to play spaces with character and interesting acoustic qualities, such as caves, churches, crypts, prison cells, psychiatric hospitals & water towers.

He has also performed live and installed durational works in galleries such as Tate Modern (London), The Barbican (London), The Arnolfini (Bristol), M-HKA (Antwerp), Sonnestube (Lugano), Soundfjord (London) & GV Art (London).

Some of his generative pieces have been discussed in classes on composition within the Royal Academy of Music. The first 400 releases of his back catalogue now reside within the British Library Sound Archive.

Facebook: raxil4

Instagram: raxil4_drone

YouTube: raxil4

Bandcamp: raxil4

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