The legends slot: Tributes to rock and pop musicians in London

Hilary Orange (UK)

Blue Bird Sessions on Wednesday 28 October 12.30 GMT @HilaryOrange

Note: this event will take place on Twitter

Come to the Blue Bird Tent to tour the shrines and tribute sites associated with rock and pop legends in London. From Highgate in the north to Brixton in the south, shrines, statues and murals are located in places that have a biographical association with an artist, as well as for reasons of access and symbolic value. Some of these sites are ephemeral, while others have become more ‘permanent’ features in the urban landscape over time. While fans do much of the initial physical and emotional labour in creating tribute sites, families and friends of the stars, property owners/managers, authorities, waste management teams, transport agencies, and heritage professionals also make choices in the site’s ongoing development, maintenance, and destruction. Persistence of memorialisation in the urban landscape depends on the emotional connections between music, musician and fan, on the music continuing to have resonance, and on fans continuing to undertake pilgrimages to sites.

Join this tour to take part in a musical pilgrimage to places associated with David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, George Michael, Freddie Mercury, and Marc Bolan.

This Blue Bird Session is based on a three-year longitudinal study of tributes to rock and pop musicians in London carried out by Hilary Orange and Paul Graves-Brown (Co-Is) 2016-2019.

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