The Archaeology of Burning Man

Carolyn White (US) and members of the Burning Man community

Book talk on 30 October 17:00 EDT (21:00 GMT)

Each August cadres of staff and volunteers begin to construct Black Rock City, a temporary city located in the Black Rock Desert of northwestern Nevada, twelve miles north of Gerlach, Nevada, a town that greets visitors with a sign that reads “Welcome to Nowhere.” Every September tens of thousands of people travel to it, creating the sixth largest population center in the state of Nevada. By mid-September the city is fully dismantled, and by October the land on which the city lay is scrubbed of evidence of its existence. This city is the locus of the Burning Man Archaeology Project.

Carolyn White has been working as an anthropological archaeologist at Burning Man since 2006. She recently published a book on the project,  The Archaeology of Burning Man: The Rise and Fall of Black Rock City. She will give a talk about her book and host a conversation with members of the Burning Man community, some of whom are featured in the book. In the forum we will discuss the work presented in the book, the reaction of the Burner community to contemporary archaeology, the experience of being a subject of study, and reflect on the archaeological recording of a the temporary city. This event will be on Zoom.

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