Toy Stage

The myth of the Danish Iron Age goddess Nerthus as described by Tacitus. The statue of the goddess was covered in cloth and driven through the country on a cart drawn by cows.

marjolijn kok (Netherlands)

The Instagram toystage invites everybody to look into their home and find toys to recreate archaeologically themed photographs. In these days when we are confined to the home more than usual, we need to use our homes in new ways. With many people working from the home the border between work and play becomes thin. At the toystage this border is crossed by expressing archaeological practices, ideas and events through the use of toys. So we go beyond creating little excavations, although they are also welcome. In these times of isolation we want to return to what is familiar and social. And the toystage is certainly there to give joy and contentment. It is for all levels of toy and Instagram users and you can make a new account if you are not on this platform. Just post your photographs and if you want a small text during festivalCHAT and use the hashtags #toystage and #festivalCHAT2020 so everybody can enjoy your creations.

Post your contributions to Instagram: #toystage #festivalCHAT2020



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